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About Us

Guangdong Guangxin Goldtec Holdings Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter refers as “Guangxin Goldtec”) was founded in December, 2015. Guangxin Goldtec is the brand new affiliated enterprise of Guangdong Guangxin Suntec Metal Holdings Co., Ltd.hereinafter refers as “Guangxin Suntec”, which is subordinate to Guangdong Guangxin Holdings Group Co., Ltd-the biggest provincial state-owned trading group with profound strengths and experience in foreign trade. Guangxin Suntec focuses on investment and trade of steel, ferro alloys, nonferrous metal and related products. Guangxin Suntec has invested in the Guangdong Guangqing Metal Technology Co., Ltd (annual output 300,000 tons of Ferronickel and 2,000,000 tons of Stainless Steel billet) and a Nickel Pig Iron manufacturing project in Indonesia (annual output 600,000 tons of Ferronickel).

“Hellosteel”, a B2B E-commerce platform that integrating domestic and international trade of stainless steel, is a “Internet+ Stainless Steelonline trading established by Guangxin Goldtec. “Hellosteel” is devoting to build up a comprehensive ecosystem that covering the whole industrial chain of domestic and global stainless steel market, and to provide services to every member within the industry.

The main business concept of “Hellosteel” is “Convenient Operation, Happy Trading, Win-win Cooperation”. It can shorten the trading chainexpand the channels of supply, and improve the profit margin by implementing idea of internet, such as simplified transaction procedure, direct contacts between domestic suppliers and oversea customers, one-stop service of buying and selling, processing, logistics and finance.


Position: Internet + Stainless Steel

Mission: Direct contacts between domestic suppliers and oversea customers

Vision: To build up integrated E-commerce ecosystem of domestic and global Stainless Steel Industry

E-commerce Platform Concept: Convenient Operation, Happy Trading, Win-win Cooperation

Operation Features: Combined development of OTO, High integration of domestic and international resources